Diagnostic Imaging

General Radiology

  • Provide radiation protection surveys on all new or repaired radiographic equipment.
  • Provide performance evaluations annually as required by JCAHO or ACR for all radiographic and fluoroscopic equipment.
  • Provide monitoring of patient doses from diagnostic radiology procedures as required by JCAHO. Includes radiation output measurements and organ dose calculations for each installation.
  • Check Fluoroscopic output and Image Intensifier functions.
  • Lead apron and glove checks.
  • Provide consultation in establishing/maintaining hospital based quality assurance programs.


  • Annual and follow-up Medical Physics performance evaluation according to ACR, FDA, and State requirements.
  • Acceptance testing of new equipment.
  • Evaluation of Technologist QA Program.
  • Operator orientation and annual training.
  • All service performed by, or under the supervision of, a specialist certified by the American Board of Radiology.


  • Phantom image selection and problem solving.
  • Technologist’s QA Problems
  • Evaluation of Clinical Technique client
  • Equipment, film specifications and selections

Clinical images:

  • Selection
  • Positioning
  • Artifacts
  • Techniques
  • Image Quality


Medical Physics Consultants will perform a Radiation Protection Survey and performance evaluation on your equipment in full compliance with all state and FDA regulations. This will assure that the equipment complies with all radiation safety regulations, and equipment performance specification and regulations. Measurements of radiation levels will be made inside and outside the room, as well as measurements of all regulated machine parameters including kVp, mAs, focal spot size, radiation output, collimator alignment, phototimer reproducibility, etc. General radiographic equipment can usually be completed in three hours; multiple tubes will require additional time. Blue Cross/Blue Shield patient dosimetry measurements and calculations are optionally available upon request.

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